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Is social media actually making to harder to find a woman to actually go on a date with in person?

I don't remember it ever being this hard 5 years ago. I could find dates in person get a phone nuimber. Now they want to see your facebook? What if I don't have a facebook or if I do what about privacy? Why does it matter who I hang how with or who I know. Why all the judgements?


on the flip side are most women or people for that matter even intelligent enough to be able to make rational judgements about a person based on their social media account or a pof message without ever knowing them in person all because of who they know or what their favorite movie is I mean that's crazy. It just seems like social media and dating sites divide people more than they do to bring people together. It just seems like it  just makes you another meaningless statistic being on it.

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    Sorry, but who you hang out with says a lot about your personality, your choices, your interests, and the kind of comments you make. Women have become a lot more careful due to the large number of violent men out there. Look at it this way - facebook is free advertising for yourself - dating sites want much of he same kind of information and you have to pay to post yourself on those sites.

    As a personal comment, if you're too paranoid to be on Facebook, you might be too paranoid for me.

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    Yes it is actually your Better off with finding a Person to go on a Date with using a Dating Site (Different from Regular Social Media) then a Social Media Site or Better yet if you know the Person Ask them over the Phone or In Person

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