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question about target pay (direct deposit)?

I've recently gotten a job at Target about 2-3 weeks ago. This is my first job so I'm not sure how paydays work. I chose to get direct deposit and I received a pay slip a week ago on the 3rd but I haven't gotten any money. Is this normal and what should I do to collect the money?

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    3 months ago

    Ask a fellow employee about when you get paid. Might be every 2 weeks with a lag of 3-7 days.  Way back before Al Gore invented the internet, the company I worked for paid every 2 weeks on fridays but 90% of the time, we got them on thursday.

    For the week ending tuesday.   Nobody got direct deposit. Managers checks went to our house.

  • 3 months ago

    The money should be in the bank account that you told Target about when you were hired.

    If it's not there, you need to let your HR team member know = pronto.

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