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How effective are VPNs and tor browser in keeping you hidden and untraceable by the authorities?

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  • 4 weeks ago

    It is all about suspicion.  If you don't do anything major-league hinky then you don't attract attention.  Eventually, though, if you do something stupid like terrorist or anarchist postings and activities, you will be found.

    If all you are doing is watching "girlie" sites (or "boy" sites, no skin off my butt either way), don't worry.  Nobody cares.

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    it depends on which vpn provider you use, some dont keep any logs on you so there is nothing to give a court when they recieve a summons demainding they hand over all the sites you visited.

    the torrentfreak website has done a survey on what logs different vpns keep on their users, here is the link

  • 1 month ago

    depends what you are up to, if it is just general thing you dont want traced then it is 100% effective as the authorities will not be bothered to put the man hours into tracing you. If you are something more serious, then a VPN is only as good as the provider you get it from, you have to buy it from somewhere and they will aid authorities in the end,even if you set your own up you have to hire the other end from someone. As for TOR its again pretty secure but when they want to the authrorities may setup their own exit node which, with ALLOT of work may accidentally lead back to you. So for 99% of the populatation tor or a VPN are fine and they wont find you, for the 1% left its tech sooner or later they will find you depends what you do as to how much effort they put in. SImple piracy and they will just ignore you, anything else and its pot luck

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