Benjamin asked in HealthMental Health · 1 month ago

This covid is putting my depression high, is there a way to get my mood back to normal?

COVID-19 made my depression worse to the point where I hid in my parents car when they went to the store and even at home I just stay away from my open windows in my room. I am so concerned that some of my leg hair is popping out and I am very sad and scared, is there a way to get my mood back up to normal again. Plz Help

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  • LAN
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    1 month ago
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    Why bother?   Really if you are that effected and you ask here for advice rather than seeing a professional for help then you aren't really bright enough to be worth saving.

  • Rick B
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    1 month ago

    Sure.  Put it in perspective and quit making a big deal out of it.  If you are young and healthy, EVEN IF YOU GET IT, it is very unlikely that it would feel like much more than a cold.  Why are you staying away from your window?????   You think Covid flies in on sunbeams???

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