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Why some women like to have 3rd party situations in their love lives?

I had many female friends, coworkers... etc

And some of them liked the idea of having a third person in their lives, while they know in their hearts that they will never leave their current relationships for the other person.

Like they would be having a loving relationship full of love and their needs are met, from emotions, sex, some even had financially supportive partners but still kept a third party.

Like why they feel the need to do that, first they are not being loyal to their partners who care about their needs, second they are wasting a human beings life and taking away their chances for romance by waiting for something that would not happen.

Like why some women act selfish like that?

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    21 yr o f  -- I have a gf whom I love alot. I have a 22 yr o  boy toy who I like alot.  We are all friends but we are not all lovers. My boy toy has a gf whom he loves. We only get together on the fairly rare occasions when I desire his manhood. His gf and I have never met. She doesn't know of me, and that's his deal. He has been around me for about a year, and with his gf for two. We never hang out.  I very much prefer the company of my fine as wine 18 yr o gf. Having two lovers is my deal. I'm honest with them as they are with me. My gf is sometimes intimate with her totally lez,  and pretty older sister, and that's their deal. My gf stopped guys altogether when she was 15. That was two guys in her like a dozen times total when she was 14 / 15 . They had both turned out to be jerks, she didn't really like the sex; and that was a year before we met.

       There's love and romance in this world of mine. The boy toy is deceitful to his gf.


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    I think those kind of women either just like the attention or keep the third party in case their main lover betrays them. Both reasons are pretty selfish, but not all women are like this and men aren't totally innocent of this either.

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    She should stay faithful to her husband! Adulterers will go to hell if they do not repent!!!

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