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URGENT chemistry help please!!?

A chemist performs a series of reactions that produce binary lithium compounds. The elements include sulfur, chlorine, nitrogen, fluorine, selenium, oxygen, and iodine. The models below represent the ionic radii of compounds formed by reacting lithium with three of the elements.  

the image is just compounds A-C with different sized radii A to C in order large, small, medium.a. Identify the three compounds that the models represent. Explain your answer. (2 points) my answer: Compound A: lithium iodideCompound B: lithium fluorideCompound C: lithium chlorideThe three elements that formed compounds with lithium are iodine, chlorine, and fluorine because these three elements all have 7 valence electrons and lithium has 1 valence electrons, which means they form 8 valence electrons. Compound A is lithium iodide because iodine has the largest atomic radius, compound B is lithium fluoride because fluorine has the smallest atomic radius, and compound C is lithium chloride because chlorine has an atomic radius bigger than fluorine but smaller than iodine.b. Write a hypothesis that the chemist might use when investigating another periodic trend of various elements. (2 points)I need help on part b please!

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