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Can you get a green card through a same sex union in the united states?

Ok so my fiancee lives in the states and I live in ireland. I want to move to the states with her. I know they have gay marriage over there but does it count for a green card so I can become a citizen? 

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    But of course! Immigration wise, same-sex marriages are treated exactly the same as opposite-sex marriages in the USA.

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    Anyone can get a Green Card from Africa

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    Any legal marriage is valid for a marriage visa. 

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    Yes, marriage equality in the US includes the right to petition for a same gender partner's immigration. Mazel Tov.

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    You have a choice of her sponsoring you for a fiancee visa

    or for a spouse visa if the two of you marry before applying for the visa: 

    I don't know the requirements for the two of you to marry in Ireland, but there are other countries in Europe (such as Switzerland) which allow people visiting as a tourist to marry.  I believe Gibraltar - despite being UK territory - also allows tourists to marry. 

    If the two of you marry in a country where the marriage license is not in English then get it translated by someone approved by the US Embassy before you leave the country. 

    If the two of you marry in the USA while you visit as a tourist then you must say > nothing < to the immigration officer on entry about planning to marry a US citizen during the visit. You are "visiting a friend".  The two of you getting married is not prohibited, but "to marry a US citizen" is NOT an allowed reason for a tourism visit.

    You then return home > on schedule < to wait while she sponsors you for the spouse visa.  You can probably occasionally visit  as a tourist while the application is processed, but be prepared to assure the immigration officer you will exit on schedule and you are not trying to use an ESTA visit to circumvent the immigration visa requirements.  

    Note your US citizen fiancee or spouse must have a steady job making about US$22,000 per year with three years of income tax returns to prove it.

    If she sponsors you for a fiancee visa then the two of you must have a real-life relationship during which you have met at least once - and several meets would be better. 

    Best wishes!

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    i would ask immigration about it

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    Yes. As long as the marriage is performed legally in a jurisdiction where same-sex marriage is legal, you can get a fiance or spouse visa. Of course, there are a lot of additional requirements. You must prove you have met in-person, face-to-face - no email pals. Your fiance/spouse sponsor must earn enough to support self, all dependents, plus you. And more.

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