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really good friend keeps bringing up triggering memories of specific person despite me telling her that they trigger me?

It happened at work and has affected me. It was bullying. We met at work so it kind slips into convo but I just nicely told her and said is it okay that we don't talk about work as its really triggering. And then today she told me that she saw that person working elsewhere. I really do like her but I hate that she keeps bringing the past up. I know this is really minute but she knows how I feel about the situation and that I need to heal from it mentally. I have only said this in the text but not in person. Maybe she'll get the hint if I say it to her nicely when we meet up. Btw I just liked the msg rather than replying with something like 'oh is it'. Will that make her get the hint or is it rude?

I don't think anyone will understand unless they have gone through a traumatic  situation so please dont judge. 

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  • LAN
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    4 weeks ago

    Then stop hanging around this "friend".    Why can't you teens see the obvious answers to your problems?

  • 4 weeks ago

    you need to speak to her face to face and bluntly tell her you can't hear anything more about this person...and tell her how much it really upsets you--if she does it again, she is not a friend and is trying to bait you---pot stirrers don't make good friends.

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