Trying make me jealous?

I talked to a girl for a couple of months, it was going well and then I got put in the friend zone, from what I gather I was too nice. Well, since then I’ve tried to work on myself and she did talk to me but briefly. However since then, nothing, not a like, view, message, nothing. I did see she did like posts from other guys and has publicly posted pictures with guys it’s got me suspicious, but she is single still. Is she just trying to make me jealous and get a rise out of me, or am I just thinking to logically. N

1 Answer

  • A X
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    You AREN'T thinking logically. She doesn't seem interested in you. She probably has certain standards that not many meet... which is why she talks to guys, but is still "single." There are many fish in the sea... find another one.

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