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Why can't guys ever just be friends with a girl?

I am a 25 year old female and would love to have guy friends, rather than being around females the whole time. However,  this seems impossible as the eventually make advances on me. I dont want to sound arrogant, I'm sure other girls experience this too. Do you think it is possible for guys and girls to be just friends?

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    I have guy friends that I’ve had for 20 years. Never any sexual contact. We actually call each other brothers and sisters. I think it gets harder to make male friends as you get older though because I think most initial contact is out of attraction. The guy friends who I call my brothers I met in middle school and we all grew up on the same street and had mutual friends and hung out and went to school together. As I’ve gotten older most of the male friends I’ve made are all from work and again we work similar schedules so we talk quite frequently and usually hang out in groups with other coworkers

  • art
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    it works both ways, I am good friends with some girls and some of them have flirted and made a move on me when we are alone in their room just supposed to be hanging out together (not that i'm complaining though)

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    It's very possible, but you are likely sending out the wrong signals and not making yourself clear or even being clear with yourself. If you perceive your choice as being around females all the time or having guy friends, that indicates you're not currently interested in dating males, but rather, just having some as friends. At your age, for a heterosexual female, that's rather odd, and it's hard to blame the guys in whom you express an interest in getting to know them better for mistaking that interest as potential for romance that grows out of friendship. Which is, as you ought to know, an ideal romantic scenario--friendship first, with increasing levels of comfort and then taking it to the next step.

    It would help, for example, if you were seriously involved with someone and a potential male friend knew that beyond any doubt, so that it would be clear from the beginning you value his friendship but already have a romantic partner. If you choose not to date at this time, you need to be up front about that--"You're nice and a lot of fun and I'm hoping we can make a friendship but I'm not in the dating market at all right now--is that something you'd consider?" And don't be surprised if the answer is no, not because it's impossible for a male to be your friend without making moves on you but because at this age, they, too, are interested in finding a romantic partner above all.

    Best of luck.

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    It depends. If you're a girl and you're friends with a guy who is 100 percent gay, all is well. You can be "couple friends" with people ex: You and your boyfriend are friends with his friend and his girlfriend. It really depends on the situation. It's easier if no one is attracted to one another. You can be friends, but not close friends. Honestly, if you meet a great guy who you end up dating, he will resent it if you're really close with guys. It doesn't mean he will be toxic to you, but he won't like it. You can be friends with guys, but just make sure no one is attracted to one another. It gets awkward. And don't be close friends, be casual friends. Don't tell him personal issues until you know him well and no one likes one another.

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    Yes, it's possible... and without making sexual advances.

    Source(s): Pesonal experience.
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    ..................instinct. Girls and women always try to feminize everybody they aren't having sex with.

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