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how do you deal with a difficulty employee?

we have a personal driver that drives our employees around the country.   This driver is really difficult to deal with and talk with.     He drives like an idiot.  He drives through bumps and the car is shaking like crazy.   Sometimes he got lost and drives around on the same loop over and over again. 

I talked to him so many times that he has to fix his driving skills and attitude.   But he keeps doing the same.   He has been working for more than 5 years and we told him to get another job if he drives like a maniac.   But after we fired him, he kept coming the next day and we have not found a replacement.   So he played stupid and kept working at our office. 

He is a short 55 years old male who just finished high school in a small town......  and we have no idea how to deal with this maniac?


I mean he just finished high school because he never graduated when he was 18....

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  • bo
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    4 weeks ago

    really ? why hasn't law enforcement been called also talk to them about what to do to get a restraining order against him. sounds like he might be a relative to the owners if he's kept this up. also ask them to make sure he has no weapons

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Are you serious? If he's fired and keeps coming to work, have security remove him. If he returns, involve law enforcement.

    I can only conclude that not only is this employee a terrible fit for the job, but management is completely incompetent at their jobs, too.

  • 4 weeks ago

    A three fingered prostate exam might be in order.

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