What electrical component is this on  the FMC 156447 Syntron Control Board?

My brother brought these two PCB's home to see what they would be used for. We disassembled but have not yet touched the second. We want to know what the boards are used for and what the eight pin component in the center is and what it does.

The board I believe is made by GECO electronics and is marked 150758 REV. 10 and the component which is not marked on the second one shown in the photo is marked CS-549322597-202-00-34. I've already contacted Cirrus Logic which is who I think manufactured the component.  There is no record on their site of any such number. 

Yahoo will not let me upload the nice photos I took of the board. There are very good pics of both the top and bottom of the board here, https://www.mroglobalsolutions.com/products/fmc-15... 

2 Answers

  • 1 month ago

    The site says motor control board and there is a relay in the center of the board probably a motor direction control relay. It may be a speed and direction control board.

  • 1 month ago

    I don't see any component with that number....

    and I don't see any 8 pin component in the center.. unless you mean that black object in the center, can't see the pins. 

    I see a power transformer in upper left, a power transistor or IC lower right,

    an unknown black encapsulated object in the center. 

    lower left are three what appear to be 10 position digital switches. Above that is a small power transistor or IC. To the right is an empty socket, perhaps for a relay.

    the rest is just capacitors, diodes, resistors and jumpers. And screw terminals for input/output.

    any large scale manufacturer today gets custom parts from the parts manufacturer, with custom part numbers and specs. None of that is public knowledge, for competitive reasons. 

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