What are the best sites to learn the skills needed to become a system administrator or network  administrator?

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  • Bort
    Lv 6
    4 weeks ago

    The best way to learn anything is hands on, in person, being instructed by someone actually showing you what to do. It is possible to learn and acquire a skill with things like how to use computerized programs by watching videos - also hands on; have the program running on your computer and do as the video shows pausing the video when you need to to go to the program and complete one of the steps. YouTube is not a great (because Joe Schmoe's post things, they may not be an expert or they may be opinionated etc) but a decent place that's free where you can learn how to use programs from other users that know at least a little about the particular program you're trying to learn how to do things with. 

    To be a system or network admin requires physically doing things with equipment which you cannot properly learn "on a site". Anyone can read and watch videos on how to physically do something but to actually do it is completely different. So for what you're asking about you really need to find somewhere that will instruct and teach you those fields, what they do, and how to do it, hands-on. 

    Just like a website is not capable of producing a really good auto mechanic a website is not going to be able to produce a really good system or network technician let alone "admin" (boss or manager). That is a huge problem in todays world; there are way too many people with paper or digital certifications or degrees but they have never actually physically touched the equipment in a real-world setting. So they really, and actually, do not know a thing about what they're doing. 

    Hands on experience is and always has been the best way. There are fields of work, like what you're asking about, that a person simply cannot become experienced, therefore they can't become good or actually skilled at, from reading text or watching videos on a website. 

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