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Implantation bleeding?

If you’ve experienced implantation bleeding please describe what it looked like? I’m not sure if this is my period or not. Very light bleeding only when I wipe dark brown/pinkish color. 

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    There is NOTHING special about implantation bleeding.  It is blood.  It will be a very small amount.  It could be anything from a little brownish in tone to pink or red.  

    There is NOTHING about what it looks like that is going to let you know 100% that you are seeing implantation bleeding.If it is implantation bleeding - you will get a positive pregnancy test in about one week.Breakthrough bleeding is any spotting or bleeding that happens anytime a period is not due.  It can be anything from a few spots to seeming like an actual period - or even heavier.  It can be any range of blood colors from shades of brown to red or pink.  Implantation bleeding is ONE of the MANY reasons breakthrough bleeding could happen.Implantation bleeding is RARE and is only correctly identified about 30 % of the time.  It is NOT a required event for the beginning of a pregnancy.  When the fertilized egg implants on the uterine wall, a few drops of blood MIGHT be released.  In many cases, this blood is such a small amount that it NEVER even makes it out of the body.  The uterine lining absorbs it.  If you do see the blood from implantation - it is only going to be a few spots when you wipe and it won't last for more than 24 to 48 hours.  You would not need a pad or tampon and it wouldn't be enough to make it to your underwear.  

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