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Why did I see my boyfriend differently that day?

As if I loved him even more... we were at the hospital, my boyfriend had a surgery done. They gave him a hospital gown to wear and as his arm hurt, I tied it behind. As he got up and went to the toilet it opened a bit and I saw him behind. My boyfriend has a nice body but somehow I just noticed how weak he felt and how vulnerable he looked in that gown. When he came back I tied it up again, hugged him tight, and we hugged on the bed again while waiting, he was a bit anxious when they took him. They didn't let me there and sent me home. I was so worried about him.

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    He let you in! Your mothing instinct came in when you saw his vulnerability and were needed. Young men don't want to be seen as in need of anyone usually, and you opened him up a bit emotionally. 

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    1 month ago

    This belongs is the True Romance Fiction department.

  • Bill
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    Because you had not seen him vulnerable before. Many years ago I was the first family member to talk to my grandfather in the emergency room right after he had a stroke. Our roles were reversed. He was frightened and I was consoling and encouraging him. 

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