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how come you can't get free downloads on movies, games, or music you have bought that have been damaged by cd rot why buy them again?


Bad manufacturing caused this. Everyone was under the impression that cd's or dvd's would last a lifetime if well kept and that was a lie.

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  • Lance
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    6 months ago

    When CD first came out it was advertised as being  perfect music forever.. about the time DVD came out, the advertising changed to music that lasts a life time...None of that is even mentioned any more...When I buy a CD or even a Vinyl album  from Amazon I am also given the opportunity to download the digital file of the same album...This is part of the sales contract...If you buy a CD or Movie on disk and you want a free download or you want it guaranteed for life, it must be part of the contract you agree to when purchased...If there is no language that states a guarantee for life the manufacture is under no obligation to fulfill what you presume is implied...In the same way if you buy a ceiling fan and you expect it to last 20 years , unless the manufacture states a 20 year guarantee hes under no obligation....Some manufactures will give a lifetime Warranty but if you read the small print its pro rated which means the longer you own the less the manufacture has to reimburse also they do not cover shipping costs and the original product must be returned to them at your cost for shipping...So if you have some really old disks that don't play you might have a case maybe not though....As far as I know all my disks still play although some are developing micro light holes in the substrate...Also if I remember correctly even when it was music forever there was also a warning that disks needed to be cared for not to expose to excessive heat handle by the edges clean off fingerprints before and after play store at room temperature etc....

  • chorle
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    6 months ago

    Because they aren't required to. Amazon does with some CDs offer to put in your Amazon Music account and let you download an MP3 a limited number of times. 

    Unfortately not with any Blueray or audio drama I have purchased

  • 7 months ago

    I have music cds from 1993 and they still work,i have 2 cds out of around 600 that have the metal foil oxidising.

  • 7 months ago

    Anything we buy from Amazon, we get a free download as well as the disc.  It also goes to the Amazon Music app on our phones. Some we can designate to run from their library - others, we can set to play off our phones when there is no WiFi.  All comes included when we buy the DC - and we own THOUSANDS of CDs - career professional musicians.

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  • 7 months ago

    Disc deterioration is not covered by any form of warranty. 

  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    They assume you have made a backup copy already.

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