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Is it possible to learn music sheets without a teacher?

I recently started playing piano (June 2019) and I can play Chopin ballade 1(from synthesias), but since obviously im getting really interested in classic pieces I must then learn music sheets and that stuff, is it possible to learn without a teacher and where can I learn to read them? Id highly appreciate it!!

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    I (and my husband - a Lincoln Center piano soloist numerous times) have adjudicated THOUSANDS of students over the decades.  I would *love* to hear a posted recording of you slogging thru this Chopin work - which you basically learned by watching little electronic cues of where to park you fingers.  There is NO SUBSTITUTE for qualified live instruction in the learning of a music instrument and its literature. Get a REAL teacher - reading notes and matching them up to keys, is NOT playing the piano - not by a long shot.  So - when do we get to hear/see a video of you playing?  That will help us to give you more specific advice.  Are there books and websites that teach you the letter names of the lines and spaces in the treble and bass clef? Sure.  Correct fingerings for every single scales and arpeggio, using both hands together?  Sure.  Can you do ANY of that yet?  Let us know, and we can take it from there.

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    Not only do you need one for advice on technique, phrasing, posture, hand position, fingering, historical context and more, but any good teacher will have a massive resource bank of sheet music that you can borrow from.

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    I think it is possible, but without a qualified teacher there with you, you might be doing something wrong and not know it.  If you are serious about playing classical, you should get a teacher.

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