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Is euthanasia for uncured cancer a sin?

I was reading where a Christian decided to be euthanized after battling cancer and she was in the final stage. I was shocked that she was christian because I thought christians rejected suicide

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    Heya, Karen. If someone with a terminal illness, condition, etc...wishes to end their life because of the pain, suffering involved, and so forth, that is a decision for them to make. It's not up to me to decide they have to hang on because of some outdated idea about suffering is good for the whatever and some sadistic god will 'reward' you if you spend the last few months of your life screaming in agony or hooked up to machines that keep you breathing, shitting, peeing. Ever seen anyone on life support, kiddo? I have. 

    Here's where the churches need to step the **** back. You're not helping anyone here. At all. Take it from me, who had to make this choice for someone I love. 

    All this is, by the churches, is a power trip. They don't give two shits about the people involved in an end of life decision. It's the same thing about sex lives, about gay people, about abortion, about...yeah. It's just another way to control people, force them to toe some imaginary line and pat themselves on the back for 'saving' someone from some version of a hell no one even knows exists or not. Probably not. 

    And oh, yes. Lay off those who've committed suicide as well. Stop condemning them further with smug lectures on how all those who've taken their lives are now in hell roasting alive or whatever torture porn gets you off here. Just **** off. What a horrible horrible person you are. What a clueless horrible POS person you are if you go about thinking or saying that those that ended their lives are forever damned. Wow. Compassion and empathy have no place in your narrow awful world. 

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    Yes it is. God's Commandment is "Thou Shalt Not Kill".  Period. It doesn't say "unless you have a good reason", or "unless the victim has cancer".

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    “Because they respect God’s view of the sanctity of life, out of regard for their own consciences and in obedience to governmental laws, those desiring to conform their lives to Bible principles would never resort to positive euthanasia,” which is a deliberate act to end a patient’s life. In some situations, though, life-support technology is the only thing sustaining a loved one. Family members must decide whether to continue or to discontinue that artificial life support.

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    Euthanasia is not a sin. 


    It is a personal choice which should never take a backseat to 

    anything as ancient, incompetent, disgraceful, and exhausted 

    of principle, as the centuries-old confines of religion. 

    Life begins without religion ... and it can end without religion.

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    I would consider a person to be dead when there is no hope of life (4th stage cancer), and death is imminent, and pain is severe.  If someone is dead, there can be no suicide.  But perhaps I am playing games with the definition of death.  God must prevent suicide, or the lessons of life (and free choices of life) will never be experienced.  The lure of heaven is too great.

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    Obviously it is wrong.    

  • Anonymous
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    All cancer is uncured when it's first diagnosed.  Why someone want to commit suicide at that point?

  • Christians can take pain relievers, but drugs to intentionally cause death is homicide/suicide

    Let’s say a person is in severe pain and they say “hey I’m going to take some morphine“. The morphine for whatever reason relaxes them and then they die. That is not suicide. Assisted suicide is basically choosing your time of death, planning it, it is a severe sin

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    It varies actually.

    The Catholic Chruch and most Evangelical denominations are 100% opposed to euthanasia and regard it as a mortal sin.  Many protestant churches deliberately take no stand in either direction.  And some clergy and even a few official church organizations have come out explicitly in favor.

    And of course, what an individual does, does not always match what their official religion's position will be.

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    And now she's in hell because she didn't have faith.

    Suicide IS MURDER

    I know some people who've had cancer and they just pushed through it with faith even in the final stage

    The doctor does NOT have the final say. God does. 

    Committing suicide to avoid a terminal illness is showing you have doubt

    She wasn't a real Christian if she committed suicide

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