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I can't hear out of one ear, i think it's blocked up with wax but the drops won't go in?

This is really annoying me now. It's been 6 days i'm on to my second bottle of ear drops and nothing seems to be changing. I rang the doctor yesterday and the receptionist said if i wanted it syrynged i'd have to pay to have it done privatly, i can't afford to spend £55 on that. When i use the drops they just make a pool in my ear i lie there for like 20 mins but they just fall out after. Ite gsn adrxkf'\ 


I told them i wasn't in pain, if i was in pain they would have seen me. Being told to go private is basically the entire American system. The only people it benefits are the rich. The only difference is that we don't pay unaccountable insurance companies. 

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    Try finding a comfortable place where you can tip your head completely sideways. The put about a cap full of hydrogen peroxide in your ear for about two minutes. You will hear it and feel it bubble in your ear. But make sure you leave it the entire 2 min. After time is up, tip your head the other way to let it run out. Then just dry with a towel as usual.  

    Source(s): Doctor Oz
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    Not sure because my mom always needs hers professionally flushed

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    I stand in a hot shower and flush my ear for 5 minutes or so. After that, I lie down and put in half a capful of vegetable oil or mineral oil. Then I gently use a Q tip. Then I wait 5-10 minutes, lie down again,and use a capful of hydrogen peroxide. It sizzles and crackles, but it doesn't hurt. Then I use a Q tip again. You might have to repeat it next day. Ear wax gets hard and crumbly over time.

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    And this is the kind of health care they want to bring to America.  Call back and tell them you have terrible pain in your ear and see if you can get in to the wonderful government care doctor at the government (actually your tax money) expense. 

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