If you lived in Missouri’s 1st Congressional district would you vote for Dr. Winnie Heartstrong for Congress?

Heartstrong is claiming that George Floyd’s murder was a hoax.


“The images of George Floyd that we saw on camera on May 25, 2020 were created using deepfake technology - digital composites of two or more real persons.”

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  • 4 weeks ago
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    She's got a Phd in Political Communications.

    She must have graduated from the University of 4chan.

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    4 weeks ago

    vote for WINNIE the WHINER .....CONSPIRACY  promoter .. 15 MINUTES OF FAME  want a be   COPY CAT Trump  play   a WHISTLE  out to "LIKE MINDED  PERSONS " .. that is a lot of people in that hoax    the store owner  Floyd and his companion  4 police officers  street  Eye Witness who were also  independently  FILMING on their phones  +  police body cam thank you for the LINK   a a CRITICAL THINKER

     referring to psychology  CONSPIRACY  "THEORY"  believers / promoters  exhibit several traits

     #1LOW AGREE-ABILITY ( degree of dependability kindness and cooperative )

     # 2 MACHIAVELLIAN ISM (     manipulative deceptive exploit other for self goal )

    # 3 LOW ANALYTICAL THINKING  ( self invent reasons for the conspiracy )

     #4 NEED for UNIQUENESS (  desire view as SPECIAL claim of secret  knowledge

        Trait number 4  is also a behavior mental trait of  RELIGIONS  claim of secret knowledge or  SPECIAL have communications  with the SNP ( supernatural propositions )   PRIEST CLERGY SHAMAN  FOUNDERS of a religion  promoters followers are told they also have special abilities  of communications or relationship  or  ability to SPEAK in TONGUES ( special language ) or handle Snakes  or claims to HEAL others or SOME  Televangelist  promote to send them SEED MONEY( to buy a 2 million dollar PRIVATE  JET  needed  to do the religious work  doing so gives  the Contributors  a step  up    to heaven  as in what you PLANT you SOW scam

  • 4 weeks ago

    There is another guy running in Kansas who allegedly paid people to troll on the internet. Some guy in the North East (I want to say Deleware) is running as a Jewish gay pedophile. Do you think maybe these people are just attention wh0res?

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