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Elder abuse- undue influence?

My parents are divorced. Both remarried, but I am my moms only child. My dad has 3 additional kids. My dad exiled me from the family because of my choices. Because I was shunned away my mother fills the loneliness by babysitting my dads kids & financially helping them. My dad never turned a penny away. My dad and his wife are strong independent financially set people. My mother has none of those assets. I tell my mom to remember his kids are not her kids and to save money instead of spending it on others. She believes money is to help others and holding it is selfish. My mother has 20k in her account and is 67 years old. She rents a studio and has no assets. Her other family members also take advantage of her loneliness, they asked her to cosign, they asked her to pay for their tuition, tattoos, gas money-anything, and in turn they spend time with her. People are taking advantage of my mom and I cant stop them. My mom told me my dad offered she make a will with him at the same time.I told her its a bad idea because he will influence her to give money to him, his wife, his kids. She doesn't see the problem in that. I told her I'm her only daughter and inst actually alone, she has a husband and sister and other real blood relatives. I advised her to make her own choices but to be smart about it. My mother is dependent on others. Do i have any legal action to protect my mom from predators?

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    maybe you should talk to a lawyer about it

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    I don't think you do, but you can talk to a lawyer.  You might have grounds to eventually challenge her estate.

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    I suppose..........

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