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I hate my life?

I hate my f*cking life. I know you're probably thinking "then change it", but it's not that simple. I'm mentally paralyzed. I can't even bring myself to shower and get up most days. My life sucks. I need a medication that will help. I know that medication won't answer all of my problems, But I need a good medication that will help me to have the strength to do the things that will help me improve. Something that will give me the strength to actually get up out of bed and go to the gym and not eat a freaking fridge. I got off medication because it made me feel like sh*t, But if I have to get back on it just to change my life, then I'm all for it, because I can't live like this anymore. I can't have a meaningless, unsocial, blank, boring life anymore. I just can't. It's driving me crazy.

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    Whatever you do don’t go back on the psych drugs. Psych drugs destroyed my life. They’re probably the reason why you don’t have any motivation because they damage parts of the brain which have to do with that. Like dopamine pathways etc. Because of too many years of medication prescribed by state psychiatrists who did not know what they were doing, or were intentionally trying to damage me, I went from somebody who used to go backpacking, hiking, cycling, skating,  skydiving even , memorize Shakespeare and play musical instruments somebody who feels like they’re half alive these days. In other words half dead. I have serious neurological problems and I’ve had to have a few surgeries because of the damage of these drugs. And I’m not making any of this up in case you’re wondering. At this point I’m just waiting it for it to all be over. I’m not going to commit suicide but I really don’t want to keep living like this. And I have a son also. Who I will leave behind. And he’s seen all the damage these drugs have done to me. These drugs will kill you Eventually, but not before they turn you into a walking zombie. It’s called a chemical lobotomy. Just give your body a good long while to try to detox from the drugs. And then see how you feel. You might feel better. Do not go back on them. Your psychiatrist will be happy to see you go back on them because that’s how they make a living.

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    Commit a horrible violent crime and go to prison. You'll definitely get better there.

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    Sorry but I have had  similar problems for over 70 years.  There is no "Good Medication", that will fix your  life.  Do something that is positive.  Like a show every day and in a week wash you cloths and take a shower,  

  • stop whining and do something about it then.

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    sure you do ! who exactly told you that ? was it some pin-headed advertisement ? drugs are dangerous and believing advertisers without a very very close look is lame......we weren't born with drugs

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    i want to give you has a cuddle. xxx ive had a stroke.

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    Ask yourself: do you hate it. If the answer is yes, you hate your life.

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    maybe you should see a psychiatrist, you might need some meds

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    u need to see a therapist or get counseling about this.

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