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Tropical Astrology (Western) v Sidereal Astrology (Vedic)?

1. Which one is more accurate?

2. What is the difference between both?

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    First "Vedic" is  new name for Hindu or Indian astrology. If there was astrology in the Vedic period of Indian history, there is no documentation of it. It ended about 850 BC. Indian astrology borrowed heavily from Greek astrology as best we know.  That's a bit of hair splitting, but I like accuracy.  Their claims of great antiquity don't have historical support.  This does not negate any value it might have. 

    Currently Indian astrologers use a different zodiac than traditional western astrologers. It is commonly said they use the sidereal zodiac and western astrologers use the tropical zodiac, that ignores the fact that there are several sidereal zodiacs. Regardless, the sidereal zodiac that they use is roughly one sign different than the Tropical zodiac. While it is possible to have the Sun in the same sign in both systems for a few days, it isn't all that common.

    Western astrology as it is currently practiced by most, has become little more than pop psychology.  While modern Western astrologers tout their superiority there is a smaller sub-group who are practicing "traditional astrology" that are attempting to reconstruct astrology as it was practiced at various times in its history.  There are differences, some very subtle, between Hellenistic astrology (ancient Greek), early and later medieval astrology, Renaissance astrology, early modern astrology and modern "psychological astrology."  They are far too complex and lengthy to discuss each here. However typical modern psychological astrology is a huge break with the past.  One example should suffice: in traditional western astrology, the individual, his moral character, intellect, health, and destiny were pretty much wrapped up in analysis of the Ascendant and its ruler. Perhaps we could include the MC and the 9th house (spiritual life,)  in the destiny bit, The other houses described the areas of his life not his psyche. 

    Modern western astrology claims the entire chart represents the individual and all that other stuff is relegated to free will.  What most moderns are unaware of is that their astrology is largely the result of trying to avoid the law after Alan Leo was convicted of fortune telling and therefore violating the Vagrancy laws in the early 20th century. It was a BS conviction, but Leo, an older man at the time, decided to pay the fine and not appeal.  His friends were trying to get him to reconsider when he died suddenly. There is more detail to that story - not here.

    Then, with some help from American Marc Edmund Jones and occultist Dane Rudhyar, a philosophical foundation was established for modern western astrology.  That grew into 1970s pop psychology-astrology, what I call the "I'm OK-You're OK" era after a popular book of the time.  The astrologers then did an astounding thing: they trashed their own past. The current traditional astrology group has been re-establishing the original foundation since about the mid 70s and are a small, but growing faction.

    Indian astrology as I understand it, is closer to traditional western astrology befitting it's Greek origins. There are, as should be expected, major cultural differences. However, use of the sidereal zodiac is a major difference that might be difficult to resolve as neither side seems willing to change, nor should they have to.  This isn't a case of right or wrong, but to an outsider, particularly a westerner, it looks like that is precisely the case. 

    The reason the skeptic has so much difficulty with any astrology is their worldview.  "Scientism" ("Science is my religion!" - Richard Dawkins) sees everything, including psychology, as cause and effect.  If you think the planets are in this position and you are that way, it must be because the planets cause the way your are (the effect) and that's nonsense.  Shift the worldview a bit and you'll see a) that cause and effect isn't true of everything, and b) astrology is just common sense. Everything is connected to everything else in some way.  The quantum physicists are making this very case, but, admittedly, would be aghast to see someone use it to explain astrology.

    Indian astrology uses the Moon's nodes quite a bit more and is accused of being more fatalistic.  That charge is also leveled at traditional western astrology.  My guess would be the Indian astrology is probably more accurate in Indian culture and western astrology is more accurate in western culture as one developed in India and the other in Western Europe (sort of; even that isn't exactly accurate). Possibly never the twain shall meet. 

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    Vedic tells about bitter truth. Vedic is real 

    It checks time longitude latitude and moon position in Vedic astrology to find out who the hell are u

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    Vedic Astrology is fatalistic, negative and fear mongering

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