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chest/lung discomfort when running (fast)?

I've already been to a cardiologist about this and everything is normal. I'm asking here, because maybe what I've been experiencing for the past 5 years or so is just normal exertion from physical activity. Or maybe it's muscular/skeletal issue or my lungs?

Say I'm running a 5k race. About halfway through I get this pain (more like discomfort) in my chest area. When runners get fatigued, where do they feel fatigue? Their legs, their lungs? What does it FEEL like?? Because this discomfort in my chest/lung area often makes it hard to push through. Sometimes it even spreads down to my stomach. Again, I feel relieved that nothing is wrong with my heart and just to clarify, this only happens when I am running fairly fast. 

I know people have described being short of breath towards the end of a race from pushing really hard. However, while I'm breathing heavy, I wouldn't say I'm short of breath. I just have discomfort in my lung/chest area! It's kind of frustrating. 

Can anyone who runs/races answer these questions?? Thank you!

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    I have not experienced that. You may be pushing TOO hard. Do you eat before you run? Could that be part of the issue (some type of reflux/heartburn, perhaps?). This article lists possible causes of chest pain when running https://www.womenshealthmag.com/fitness/a19924212/... See if any of this may apply to you

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