Local q&a for candidates for supervisor of elections.  Does anyone have any good questions that I could ask?

So, basically I am hosting a q&a session with local candidates for supervisor of elections and was wondering what are some good things to ask about. What are some avenues to explore regarding policy? Thank you for the replies. 

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    With the caveat that exact questions depend on local issues:

    In many states, the local supervisor chooses the machines (from a list of state-approved machines) used in elections.  If your locality uses primarily touchscreen computers, an obvious question is whether the candidates think that touchscreens are a good type of machine and what steps need to be done to create an audit trail for touchscreen computers.

    The local supervisor is also responsible for choosing precinct locations, so an obvious question is whether the candidate thinks there are any precincts that should be moved due to access issues (e.g., inadequate parking, not near bus routes, etc.) or should be split because it is too large causing large lines.  And if any precinct has had long lines, what would they do in terms of getting more election judges or voting machines to reduce those lines.

    For all election supervisors, the potential for hacking voting rolls is a major security issue.  What steps will they take to increase computer security in the office?

    Also what steps do they see taking to recruit more people to work as election judge or to make it easier for people to register and vote?

    You may want to take a look at your state election authority's website which may include a guide for local election supervisors to see what specific duties the election supervisors have, some of those may be the basis for a good question.

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