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WHY do men not want to watch a movie when a woman is the main character?

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    This is complicated and I think difficult to talk about in generalities.  I will first of all say that this is NOT a general rule.  Some of the most popular 'guy movies' you can name featured female leads.  Terminator's Sarah Connor was, I would argue, the lead.  Sure, Shwarzenegger became an icon off of it, but he just walked around in sunglasses looking buff.  Ripley of the Alien series is another great example.  Leia of Star Wars wasn't a lead, but she was a bad-a s s.  More recently, I'm not aware of anyone who complained about Wonder Woman.

    These women were tough and they were basically action stars.  I think you'd have a VERY hard time finding any man who complained about these movies.  But then you DO have complaints about Rey from the new Star Wars for example, who I think is the perfect example of the problem.

    Rey was a Mary Sue and was clearly just a gender inversion of Luke but without the backstory and character development.  She was there to pander to women and girls.  her powers and skills were completely unsupported by the story or her (incredibly limited) backstory.  Yet she was portrayed as incredibly powerful just as a way to appease the PC Stormtroopers (yes, pun intended).

    THAT is more what I'm objecting to...the degree to which the desire to tokenize and appease political correctness leads to BAD STORYTELLING.  And there are many more examples.  Now, bad storytelling can happen in anything, but it's very clear that movies that spend more effort on their diversity quota and virtue signaling than their story are FAR more likely to have these problems.

    So all I'm saying is, give me good stories with good characters.  I don't care what demographic they're in if they're good.  But don't try to show me how virtuous you are by force-feeding me propaganda.

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    That is not true. What men have a problem with is the stupid movies that take feminism to another level where it isn't even about equality anymore! 

  • Steve
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    1 month ago

    Im guessing you are just talking about a lead woman in a chick flick. In that case, its self explanatory as everyone knows that most men dont go for chick flicks. Also, many styles of dramas. As others have noted, theres been plenty of women leads in the male typical genre of action movies. In that case, yeah, give me a Gal Gadot, Charlize Theron, Scarlett Johansen and so many more. I dont know the statistics, but I bet their movies do about as well as male dominated action movies dollar wise.

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    Speak for yourself.  I have no problem with watching movies when a woman is the lead character or one of the other main characters.

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    I would rather watch almost any movie with a woman as the main lead as long as she's intresting or smart or doesn't always need a man to save her to much or at all,plus great looks don't hurt either and nice figure or assit help as well.

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    Your premise is false on its face.

    For example, as a man, I thoroughly enjoyed:

    - Kill Bill, vols. 1 and 2

    - Wonder Woman

    - Alice in Wonderland

    - Coraline

    - SOME of the Resident Evil movies

    - Star Wars: Rogue One

    - Heathers

    ... and that's just a few I can name off the top of my head. If one can identify with any aspect of the lead's persona, there's a good chance a connection would be made to that character, regardless of gender.

    Usually, it's genre that determines what one would and wouldn't like. 

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