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Could this woman like me? I like her. ?

I work in a tenant building.

One of the tenants really enjoys hearing me talk. She’s older than me, not that I mind.  She said I give a kind and gentle impression/presence. She said she picked up on that from the first time we met and started talking. I had helped her with a repair she needed in her unit. When her and I talk, she stands extra close to me. She likes the sound of my voice a lot too, saying I sound like I have an accentA couple days ago I was walking into work and she was coming back from her morning jog. She was saying how she was going to rinse off and take a power nap. Shortly after, she looked down and smiled. She’s a tenant but she’s really hot. I like her. What should I do?I never see her with a man.


She’s in her 60s and I’m 30. I know that’s a substantial age difference but she’s a good person and she’s attractive. 

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  • 5 months ago

    Yes go for it.

    You get once chance.

    Do not mess it up.

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