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Guided by Solomon’s wisdom, the nation of Israel experienced an era of peace and tranquility never before known. Why then does this ?

legendary king have such harsh critics?

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    The Kingdom split in two parts which were at ongoing conflict almost Immediately after his death.    Hardly peace or tranquility.,

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    Because he overtaxed his people.

    Because he began sacrificing his children to idols.

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    All great men do.

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    Everybody's a critic.

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    King Solomon was the second son ( first son died ) of King David by Bathsheba  God Had foretold to David That he would have a son and that his name would be Solomon. God also told David that Solomon would build a house to God. Solomon means peace. God apparently accepted and blessed David and Bathsheba's  marriage. ( David committed adultery with her and was responsible for her husbands death.) Solomon eventually became king David before he died gave his son advice. You can red it in 1 Kings 2:1-9  At one point and time God you can read it in 1 Kings 3:4-14 God was pleased with Solomon's request after God ask him what he would like to have from him 

    Solomon was the wisest, richest man on the earth. As long as he followed the guidelines of God there was peace and prosperity, but at one point in time Solomon began to take many  wives and made alliances with people God did not approve of so he deviated from being righteous according to Gods rules.  The bible tells the stories about him and we can learn something from it. As long as we do what God requires (  not a burden but a benefit ) we will fair good but if we think we don't need to listen to God then we will not succeed even if it might ;look that way at first. When we look at human history we can clearly see that we can not rule ourselves without Gods help His commands are not that hard and we have plenty of free will to make good decisions.  Please get more information on this subject by going to the website   JW.ORG  this site is actually dedicated to bible education I think you will enjoy surfing it. Take care

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    The Bible itself criticizes Solomon harshly.

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