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scared to get bullied next year ?

i’m starting sixth form next year but i’m carrying on at the same school. i’ve never been bullied before and i was quite well known and had no issues from y7-11 but i have a lot of followers on tik tok and i feel like i’m just gonna get bullied by new people that join? any advice i’m having a panic attack rn idk what to do 

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    Grow a thick skin, i.e., don't let words bother you. There's always going to be bullies and haters ~ the thing to do is ignore them.


    You're panicking because you are doing what I call 'dancing in the future'. Even though you have never been bullied before, your ego-mind has grabbed hold of the idea that you might get bullied, and is dancing with all the possibilities that could ensue from that. It's like quantum mechanics ~ there's an infinity of possibilities. You can never know which one will come true, so your mind spins around (which is why I refer to it as dancing) and can even start to panic.

    The way out is to stay focused in the present moment (as much as you can). Recognize when the ego-mind dance of trying to figure out future outcomes is starting, and nip it in the bud, so to speak. Then ignore the bullies should they ever appear.

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