Can someone with Type 1 Diabetes confirm if my coworker is telling the truth?

I have a coworker that has Type 1 Diabetes. i dont doubt that part. He leaves work two or more times a month because he cannot get his blood sugar levels normal and starts feeling sick. He is very sluggish all day long(we work in a warehouse pulling orders) and makes no attempt at increasing his pace unless he can leave early. He has college courses(online because of the pandemic) and stays up all night doing schoolwork sometimes. Most weekends he claims he barely slept and mostly just did schoolwork. whenever he has exams or many assignments due he takes time off work with only a single day of notice if we are lucky. When the pandemic started he took two weeks off right away because he says he has a weak immune system from the diabetes. should he be doing so many all-nighters? does the amount of times he leaves feeling sick sound normal? is it really that hard to keep your blood sugar levels consistent? do all type 1 diabetics move at almost half the speed of normal people? is this how all type 1 diabetics are?

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  • Snid
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    1 month ago

    It sounds like he is not taking care of himself and using it as an excuse.

  • Shay
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    1 month ago

    All the things he claims are things that could happen.

    But that doesn't mean he is telling the truth.

    Some diabetics do struggle to control their sugar levels.  Lack of sleep and poor sleeping habits can also impact the ability to control sugar levels.  Feeling tired is a common problem for someone with sugar levels that are too high.  It is also a common problem for someone not getting enough sleep.  Combine the two problems - and you have a person that can barely function.  

    No - not all type 1 diabetics are like that.  Some of them actually try to take care of themselves and do their best as much as possible.  They don't use their condition as an excuse to get out of things.  I personally know two people with type 1 and both of them can outwork most of the people around them.  They are consistent and hard workers.  They rarely miss work and they don't use their diabetes as an excuse.  In fact, I have worked with one of these people for about ten years before finding out that they have been type 1 the entire time.  There was never any obvious signs and he kept it a secret as much as possible because he didn't want others to judge him based on his condition.  

  • 1 month ago

    Not every person w diabetes is the same. Diabetes type 1 can be very tough to control especially in certain circumstances like having to stay awake all night.

  • 1 month ago

    Your coworker may very well have all the issues he claims, or none of them, and is using his diabetes as a way to get by doing just enough to keep his job.

    Every diabetic and the health issues they may have, are varied. I know many people, no matter what their health issues are, like to mention every pain, ache they have, to milk attention from all who are willing to pay attention to them. 

    Most people diabetic or not, rarely mention anything, unless they are really feeling bad or having problems that are so noticeable, that someone asks them if they are OK. 

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  • 1 month ago

    No, this is NOT how all type?1 diabetics are. EACH disbetic, NO matter the type of diabetes they ha. ve, is an individual. 

    No, often a coworker CANNOT tell if a diabetic is telling the truth. Yes, it CAN be very difficult to control blood sugar levels, especially if he is seriously sleep deprived. 

    Do you have ANY idea if he is taking just insulin, short and long acting insulin, what types of insulin, or is he taking oral medication as well. Is he insulin resistant. It's possible he may be taking too much insulin. All that physical activity means he should take LESS insulin. 

    HOW does he feel sick? If he has an overwhelming desire to go to sleep, that may be LOW blood sugar. That can be more dangerous than high blood sugar. Low blood sugar can kill someone a lot quicker than high blood sugar. Combined with sleep deprivation and possibly taking too much insulin I am surprised it's only 2 days a month he is missing work. Sleep deprivation made me bitter, VERY grumpy and angry at the world. If he is an insulin resistant brittle diabetic who may be over medicated AND sleep deprived I am NOT surprised he moves slow. His brain works slow too. Does he act like he is drunk? That may be LOW blood sugar.

    I am a type 1 diabetic for 65+ years and counting. I am NOT insulin resistant. I CAN be very brittle, which means my blood sugar levels can swing back and forth between being way too LOW and too high or VERY high. Dies he drink alcohol, beer, wine, or hard liquor? Alcohol makes controlling blood sugar levels a lot harder. Emotions, being angry all the time.can raise blood sugar levels.

    Insulin is NOT all the same. Insulin can be long acting, short acting or intermediate acting. Oral medication does NOTHING for me. I have no insulin producing beta cells to stimulate into producing more insulin. They were destroyed by my own immune system by the time I was 2 years old. 


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