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Iud bleeding ?

I made an appointment with my gynecologist but I just want to ask this question to anyone who ever experienced this therefore I know I did the right thing to make an appointment. A few days ago on Monday, I got a hormonal IUD inserted and I spotted a bit. The day after I got it inserted, I had protected sex with my boyfriend, and I started to bleed a bit more than usual. I cramp and had somewhat heavy bleeding for a few hours then it went away and back to light spotting. Yesterday, I had protected sex with my boyfriend twice but at the second time I started to bleed heavy right after we finished. It was embarrassing cause it was on his bed. It looked exactly like if I was on my period. However, I am not. The bright bleeding is going down. It just seems like I only cramp and bleed heavily after intercourse? Is this normal? I just got the Mirena IUD so idk if this is supposed to happen

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    Why are you hiding?  Call your doctor and talk to the nurse... they have more time to answer your questions.

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