i need some good books about mean girls/cliques?? ?

 I'm looking for some good books about mean girls/popularity in high school. Especially if it has darker themes. Something like before i fall or carrie. Nothing fantasy or dystopian. 

Please don't say the clique. They're crap. Thanks!!

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  • 4 weeks ago

    daughters of eve by lois duncan

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    4 weeks ago

    "Nineteen Minutes," Jodi Picault

    "The Pigman," Paul Zindel

    "Dumplin'," Julie Murphy

    "The Hate You Give," Angie Thomas

    "Geek Charming," Robin Palmer

    " Art Geeks and Prom Queens," Alyson Noel

    "We Need to Talk About Kevin," Lionel Shriver

    I've only read two of these, but those two were excellent.

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