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UK - Do you think it's safe to go for a haircut?

I am male, living in UK. I am in desperate need for a haircut (and I know there are way more important things to worry about), but I just wanted to ask peoples opinions: Do you think it's safe to get a haircut? Do you think there is a high or low risk of contracting Covid? I am thinking about going Monday.

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    No, I do not think its safe. There are precautions taken, of course, but its still a risk. Cut your own, discover that you can do just as well or even better, stay safer, and save money all at the same time!

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    That depends on if you have any high risk medical conditions.

    I went and got a haircut last month, and I lived through it.

    It was mandatory to wear a mask.

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    My son and son in law ended up buying good clippers online. 

    I got a haircut, but it was just the stylist and me in the salon. 

    hair places around me you must make an appointment. No one is taking walk ins.

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    Yes, Now pandemic situation that why.

  • I'm not in the UK, but I got my hair cut last week. The stylist and I were both wearing masks (they're mandatory at indoor public places in my area) also they were sanitizing every thing before and after their clients. They were also practicing physical distancing as much as possible and limiting capacity with their clients and customers. I felt perfectly safe.

    If salons are open in your area, they should have safety protocols in place. If they have a website or social media page, read up on what they have posted to keep you safe. Or call them and ask about this before you go. 

    If you don't feel it's safe for you to go then wait another week or two. Also they may be booked a few weeks in advance any ways. 

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    If you are worried about covid it could be fun to try an at home haircut

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    If you are seriously concerned try to get an antibody test, if you have antibodies, nothing to worry about. I think it also depends on your hair. I had to cut my own hair a few times throughout all of this because I get migraines if I dont cut my hair since it is so thick. It was such a relief to get it done.

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    Fond à home hair dresser, il he seras à mask, you don't nhave anything to worry of

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