What laptop can you suggest who's using photoshop a lot?

3 Answers

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    3 months ago

    depends on how intensely you're using Photoshop. if you are working with very large files, you will want a Core i7 or better CPU. otherwise, Core i5 is fine. and an SSD drive for storage. MUCH faster.

    brand doesn't matter. just get those 2 things and everything else is up to you.

  • 3 months ago

    Any laptop purchased new these days has everything that Photoshop needs to run beautifully.  get one thta has a good sized SSD, at least 8 gig of memory (more if possible) and a good graphics GPU, without spending too much for a gaming GPU.  . 

  • Apple Macbook, etc.............

    Source(s): I knew this from uni.
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