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How likely am I to get schizophrenia?

Hypothetically, how likely based on my genetics am I to get Schizophrenia? My grandma on my mother’s side is currently suffering greatly with schizophrenia but there isn’t much we can do since she isn’t harming herself or others, and she doesn’t trust doctors. My cousin who is about 27 was just diagnosed with schizophrenia recently, granted he used to struggle with drugs and was currently at the time struggling with alcohol, though I was told he was staying relatively sober. I’m a woman and I know it’s less likely in females but my grandma has it so nothing is off the table. Just thought I’d ask some people’s opinion or educated guess on the matter! 

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    Both sides of my family has mental illness in them, with my mother in particular being schitzophrenic. My 5 siblings and I all deal with some sort of anxiety at the very least, with some of us having some more extreme disorders (bipolar, psychosis, shizophrenia).

    If it's genetic enough that both your grandmother and cousin have it, then it's not exactly off the table. But in my own experience, it's more likely you'd turn out with a more mild disorder than anything, especially if your parents or siblings don't have it. My mother has schizophrenia and out of her kids, most of us have managable anxiety/other stuff (either with or without seeking medical help), while only one of us is super messed up.

    tl;dr: ehhhhh... like a 5-10%?

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