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In American movies, Russians are often the enemy...?

Hi. I’m HIRO. Japanese who likes American movies.

Let me ask you a question. Russians are often the enemy of American in American movies, but what do Americans think about it? What do Russians think about being an enemy of Americans in American movies?

I'm always wondering, "Why are often Russians the enemy in American movies?" Of course, I can understand the effects of war.

Yoroshiku! (Best regards in Japanese)

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Every since the end of WWII the Russians and America was engaged in a Cold War that officially ended in the late 80s. In between that time both Russians and Americans spies were 

    Infiltrated to gain each other secrets and was in huge competition with each other with everything from getting to the moon first to developing the most advanced and superior weapons, even since the Cold War ended Russia has been trying to create chaos here like trying to affect our elections.

  • 1 month ago

    For 40+ years the US and Communist Russia were locked in the Cold War, where they both were threatening each other with nuclear destruction. They competed against each other to get the first man to space as well as take control of certain countries in order to store nuclear weapons there. Also there was a huge movement in the US where we were trying to uncover undercover communists stealing American information, and many innnocent people were charged because of paranoia. Everyone over 35 or so remembers Russia being evil basically and even now when someone says they don’t like something that’s commonly liked, an older person sometimes responds ”What are you, communist?” I think as time goes on they’ll stop being such common villains, because nobody under 30 even remembers the war. They teach it in school but the end of the lesson is that they’ve stopped trying to conquer the us and while they still are against us they will now work with us occasionally. 

  • 1 month ago

    Ever since WW II was over and the Cold War started, the American public have seen the Russians as sinister characters.  Even now that mood prevails.

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