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Am I as big of an asshole as I think people perceive me as?

wouldn't say I have a hard time making friends, but I am horrible at relationships and most of it stems from beliefs and philosophy

Double majoring in legal studies and finance, I've taken LOADS of various economics and history courses in school. Because of that I use my knowledge of economics, legal history, and society at large as strong support for my conservative beliefs. I do not classify myself as Republican, but in America you have to stand on one side or the other and unfortunately that is the side that more closely resembles my beliefs. Its a fuc*ked up system, but thats what it is

It is considered sexist in 2020, I am very aware of this, but I am a firm believer that most women let emotions and societal norms influence their decision making. I see it in my mother, in my sister, in all my exes, 99% of my female friends, etc... 

I truly don't believe I am a narcissist, but I can not stand people who predicate their beliefs based on tradition and are easily influenced and unfortunately that is the majority of this world. Whenever I ask people for examples or historical proof for their arguments I usually get shunned and now I am over here looking like the white republican asshole who just wanted to get a better understanding of their stance. I listen as much as I physically can, I do

I think this world is too soft and people are unwilling to negotiate and listen to each other.

Is it the societal norm now to just give trophies for whatever you believe and move on?

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    You sound very educated, but I'm guessing that something happened to you very early in your life that caused you to feel this way.  You seem be have a hidden anger crisis going on.  It  may be wise to speak with a professional to help you work on you.  IF you've had as many relationships as you claim, you definitely have issues.   

    But I do think it's praiseworthy that you know your problem and how it affects your future relationships with friends and ladies.  

    I am a loner , my own self.  But I'm quite happy being that way.  I've too have seen much mental and some physical abuse on women who don't deserve it and it causes me to have a disliking for many male friends I once held dear.  

    Also, because I live in a State, Louisiana, that encourage alcohol, alcoholism, drugs, and sex, in and around New Orleans, sin City II.   I have created a barrier between myself and most people because, I run my life very straight , narrow and follow the laws of God to the Tee,.  

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    The only way to avoid conflict in 2020 America is to just not talk about politics. Same with gender and other social issues. Unless you're giving a campaign speech because you're running for office there's no valid reason you should be talking about this stuff (unless you just kind of like to get into arguments). 

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    Do you think maybe you could post this just a tad more succinctly, without as much of the self-congratulatory egoism and self-absorbed ranting and just ask the question you wish to know the answer to? And while you're at it, consider NOT posting it anonymously. That way you won't look as much like a troll as you currently do. In short, dude, WTF is your actual question?

    (1 hour later). Ok then, question answered. Apparently you are.

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    Yeah you is it’s okay tho they know you there 

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