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Girls with PCOS: How do you manage stress eating?

Stress eating is a horrible, horrible habit of mine. It’s starting to affect the way I feel and act. I know some of my friends with PCOS struggle with this as well, but none of their methods work. I am an extremely picky eater. I have about 5 foods that I’ll binge on daily. They’re all unhealthy and absolutely awful for you. My regular diet is awful as well, consisting of nearly no fresh foods, but I am unable to change this, it seems. Does anyone have advice of how to overcome the cravings and stress of PCOS? 

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  • Andy C
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    PCOS is caused by a diet containing regular sugars and little fiber.  This diet is also the cause of most obesity,  diabetes II and most heart disease.   And most hypothyroidism. 

    And depression,  anxiety,  which mean poor coping behaviors for chronic and acute stress.

    Ditch sugar, HFCS, honey,  nectar, juice, syrups and white flour products and your PCOS will either lessen or go away AND your anxiety will decrease,  negating the need for stress eating. 

    "Fat Chance..." by Dr. Robert Lustig,  M.D.

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    What can i say other than this. We can overcome all things with the help of Gods Holy Spirit. We just have to be willing to want to accept change. 

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