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How do I contact someone through yahoo answers? ?

So basically some one answered the question I posted but when I click on the answer in my notifications and it goes to my question, the comment has disappeared!!! She didn’t put anything offensive in it, and is the best answer I found and want to award her the winner basically. 

So can I contact the person who answered my question and ask them to re word her question because yahoo didn’t like it, and worst case I would just like to thank her for the amazing advice, because it was a mental health question and she gave me advice that no other people or therapist have given me and For this is why I feel  need to thank her thank her. 

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    I believe I am the one who told you to contact them.  The best way you can do it is by adding it in your update and hope they see it.  There used to be a type of messaging system but that was removed because people abused it.  

    Another way is to look at other questions in that category she may have answered and leave a comment.  But again you are hoping she looks again at that question or sees it in her notifications.

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