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How to make a mixtape? ?

I want to make a casset mixtape for my best friend (first of is it weird to make a mixtape for a friend?) but I have have no idea how to order the songs or even what songs to include? I wanted to do songs that we both like and often listen too together but is it weird to make a mixtape for someone that is full of songs they already know? Also does it have to have a meaning or theme? Please help me

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    I don't think it's weird to make a mixtape for a friend. I consider that to be a nice and thoughtful gift. I'm not sure if it's weird to make a mixtape of songs they already know. No one has ever made one for me. You could do mostly songs they know and like and also throw in a few songs that they don't know but might like. There are no set rules about this, so you can do whatever you want with the order of the songs, and you can choose a specific theme or not.

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    if you type this on the search bar it might show you how to do it

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