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vegan and social worker?

I'm studying in Italy for become a social worker. I'm vegan and I was wondering if can be a relation between what I love (animals) and the social work I'm going to do after the university. a lot of animals die every single day because of us, our social actions kill them, so I can see the relation between these two things, but I know that the social work of social workers see the priority in the human lives. I want to be part of both realities, and I just dont want to ecluse the animals' freedom and concentrate my priority in the humans' health only. some advice? do you think there is a way to combinate both of this interests? ah, and sorry for my bad English! 🙂


I'm not asking for your opinion about my food choice. I just want to know if I can combine both interests 😊 you can just answer at my question without telling me your point of view, thank you!

Update 2:

guys, I never said that I I wanted to use my work as a platform for promoting my beliefs. I really can't understand a lot of your answers beacuse I can't find a sense in your words. I think I didn't asked a complicated thing. you could have just answered with a no or a yes. I know that my English isn't perfect, but I think it's not difficult to understand what I asked. "there is a specific work which can combine both of my interests?" this is what i was asking about

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    Best not to try persuading clients to pursue your passion or lifestyle as it interferes with your job description. You can sideline with volunteer service on the side where your need to influence can be satisfied 

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    It would be difficult to imagine a position that would promote a plant diet from a sociological platform. The only thing that comes to mind is working to limit or eliminate methane emissions from factory farms in service to saving the planet. But that's big picture high level stuff, and new graduates don't usually end up there.

    Where you could be of service is in designing programs and writing scripts to lessen or eliminate cruelty to animals in the animal farming process. Removing fear and cruelity from the process results in a better  product (not that you want the product to be appealing).

    I suggest your best strategy is to become a public person. Earn a doctorate and an appointment to a prestigious faculty. Publish on the subjects noted above, and become a source on your area of interest to one or more major news organizations. You can fight two battles at once, if you are on high enough ground.

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    I see no relationship at all between social work and your being vegan. 

    If you have decided not to consume animal products then that's fine - well done for following your convictions. That has nothing at all to do with social work though: the two things are separate and there's no reason why one should affect the other. There is no way you can “combine” both interests though.

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      I'll going to add a bit of an addendum to the end of  my response to your last update.

      You can be both a vegan and a social worker. Now let's look at some of the more legal ramifications. Which is something like it or not is there. It's something you may not like, or agree with, but it is something you'd best plan on accepting, and the faster you do the easier it will make your life.

      Your personal beliefs, and/or preferences can NOT be used on a professional level as a social worker. You can not as a social worker, use that as a platform, for promoting your specific beliefs, and/or your personal dietary following/beliefs. Doing so would be seen as a breach of professional ethics, and even a violation of the individual rights of others. Using any type of decorations such as imagery and plaques with quotes that promotes your beliefs could also be seen as a breach professional ethics.

      All it would take is just one or a fast series of complaints filed against you, and you would be warned to cease and desist or even outright be terminated from your position. Any attempts after that of combine the two could result in dismal from your position. Which carries a high risk of damaging, and even destroying your professional reputation. If you get terminated more than once, and the odds of continuing a career as a social worker could be damaging to you future as a social worker. Also it could result in your employer being taken into the civil courts and a lawsuit filed. Even to that point you might not be considered employable as a social worker. and even being black balled for life, from ever working again in that profession.

      Now with the added clarity given, the short answer is no there aren't any specific fields, wherein the two can be combined. At least not at this time. What the future holds is yet unknown, in regards to the two, and whether or not they will be able to be combined.

      While questions can seem simple on the face, in actual reality sometimes the answer is either more complex, or has some points that's easy to overlook. As far as your English goes, it's better than so much of what I sere on here, and on other sites, from those who supposedly it's their native or first language.

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    If you're going to drag veganism into your job then I think you're going to be a horrible social worker and will fail at doing what a social worker is supposed to do. Social work and veganism are not dependent on each other. Have no doubts, people that are down and out and need help to get back on their feet do not want to hear about veganism and certainly don't want to be preached to about its benefits (real or imagined). They just want to get back on their feet and move on with their lives, not have a social worker trying to micromanage them by meddling in an area that they have no business in. I'll put it another way, when you try to mix the two then all you will be doing is making your client's life more complicated. As a social worker why would you want to do that????? Give it some very serious thought before you do something that won't take long to backfire and may get you in trouble with your boss.

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    4 weeks ago

    i would ask them at your school about that

  • 4 weeks ago

    Social workers dont deal with animals at all so no, there is no way to combine the interests. Animal control officers, vet technicians, veterinarian, those would help animals. 

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