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Am I never going to be able to work again?! ?

I got into an accident and did some sever damage to my eyes. I can drive during the day but since the accident I can’t drive at night anymore I’m restricted. I’m literally blind at night daytime I’m perfectly fine. I work a 9-5 job. In the winter it’s dark by 5:00. I’m scared I might have to quit my job and go on disability or something. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to cope for the months when it’s dark by 5PM? Thanks. 

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    If you can perform your job, the inability to drive home from work seems like a terrible reason to quit. I live in an area where there is minimal public transportation but I think even here there would be an answer. I would be interested in knowing the nature of your injury. Cataracts could cause the symptoms that you are experiencing and would be relatively easy to treat.

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    The first step would be to see if you can find an alternative transportation.  Public transportation - carpool - friend or relative who is willing to provide transportation when needed.  After all, the time of year affecting you is fairly short - about four months out of a full year.

    Next step - if you can't find alternative transportation - consider discussing the issues with your boss.  You may be able to shorten your work day during the months when it will be dark before you could get home.  Just cutting one hour off your day could make a difference and if you are a good enough worker - your boss may work with you based on a medical requirement.   After all - it would only be for the few months that daylight savings time cuts into the evening sunlight.  (I am guessing you are in a location that changes clocks in the fall which creates that earlier sunset in the winter - otherwise - 5 pm is usually not a problem.)

    If neither of these plans work out - then looking for a new job with hours that match daylight driving would be the next possibility.

    Going on disability might be an option but I am not sure if night blindness is enough to qualify or not.  You would need to check into it.  You are not actually "unable to work" - you are just restricted on driving.  That alone is not really a disability.  

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    Dim your dash lighting. Wear amber tinted glasses which can help you see in low contrast lighting situations. But it still may not make you medically legal to drive. So consider what the others are suggesting.

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    Car pool.

    Or take a bus.  Where I live, we have many public transportation options. I never drive these days, and my eyesight is fine.

    But if you don't enjoy those options, a car pool is your best bet. I'm sure that your fellow employees, being made aware of your situation, will be happy to help. If you don't have a lot of fellow employees, make your neighbors and relatives aware of the problem.

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    Public transportation, Uber, walk, friends, shorten your hours to daylight

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