t/c on land title in state of florida?

My mother died about 2 years ago.  My father and mother were married for about 52 years at the time and my mother did not have a will and they have always lived in AZ.  In the past my father had filled out and submitted to Florida deed information as with their names and used "or" between them relating to ownership.  As everything they owned in AZ - house and cars were always had "or".  When they got the deed of land back from Florida they instead used my father's name + my mother's name and then had t/c afterwards.  My father wants to sell the land now, since my mother has died.  He never plans to move as he is in his 80's.  How can he sell the land when it has my mother's name on it.  My mother does not have a will. In AZ everything just goes to the living spouse.  The land is just a small empty lot with maybe a couple of trees.  My father just paid the taxes again.  Can you tell me what should he do to be able to get the land in his name and sell it.  I think the land is less then $3000 dollars, as he get information from them on paying the taxes each year.

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    1 month ago

    He sends his wifes deth certificate to land registry and tells them to remove his wifes name from the property/land

  • 1 month ago

    Florida does not recognize "or" between names.  I don't know what "deed information" is but they (Florida county) cannot make changes.  The instrument should have been returned to your dad unrecorded.  That said, if they were married at the time of purchase the land is in his name.  Just need to record the death certificate.

  • 1 month ago

    There is no "or".  It's always and.  Probably just has to go down to county records with the death certificate and get her off the title.  

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