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Should I get my sister something for watching my child?

My sister is watching my son next week when I have surgery.. I mentioned giving her something for watching him, but she said I don't have to. I feel bad for not giving her anything for watching my son, especially since she's going to watch him for 8 or more hours... Should I get her something like a gift card or cash?

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    A TASER       !!!!!!!!!!!!!        

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    Give your sister a nice Thank You card, and a small gift, maybe some perfume, or a beauty  products coffret, and a couple of roses.

    Then, for her birthday, take her out for a superb lunch, and  offer her a small bag with some cash.

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    Yeah I’d give her atleast like £20 (or equivalent to that depending on where you’re from) or just some chocolate or something.  8 hours is quite a lot.

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    4 weeks ago

    give her The Human Centipede Part 1 to watch, she'll really appreciate it.

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