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My friend is in danger and refuses to accept it!!!!?

I really need urgent help, I cannot find any solutions to this problem. This is the story:

About a month ago one of my best friends (15 and female) got in contact with someone on Instagram who claims to be a well known K-Pop star that she admires. It is very obvious that it is a fake account because of the lack of followers, the name of the account being spelled wrong and the simple logic that someone who makes millions making music wouldn’t spend most of his time to talk to a random person. 

Since when she contacted him I was suspicious and worried about her because she has been going through a strong depression caused by exams, oppression from her parents and bullying by other classmates, which has often led her to believe in the most ridiculous things. I and the very few friends she has have talked with her about it, very calmly at first, because we know that she needs some of that parental affection she lacks at home, but things only got worst, she started talking with this person 24 hours a day, not sleeping for multiple days in a row. Unfortunately I don’t know anything of what they are saying to each other. 

Things started to get worrying when he, after seeing pictures on her public account, figured out where she lives, and said that he will do a photoshoot in that city in a few days, of course making my friend want to meet him in person.

I need help to stop her from meeting this guy in person. She is not bright and I have been her guide for years, now I am stuck 

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    It sounds like this could be a very dangerous situation for your friend. The whole thing sounds fake and it sounds like he is potentially grooming her online. Especially the part where he found out where she lives and says he will do a photoshoot in that city. Predators use these tactics to lure in young vulnerable people. All the things you said about her behaviour (and saying that she promised to meet him) should be setting off alarm bells right now.

    You need to tell someone NOW. I know she is your friend but she is also in serious danger. This person could harm her. You said you are on vacation as well as her friends but is there someone else you could phone back home? Another trusted adult maybe who could call the police. This is very serious so I would tell your parents and see if they have your friend's mum’s phone number or find another way to reach them.

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    You need to get to her Mother and tell her.

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    Your choices are talking to her parents or talking to the Police.

    The Police will be especially interested.

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    Talk to her parents!

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    Wow that is pretty scary. I'm sorry that you're having to go through that.

    Maybe you can try to make her see that it is a fake account by asking her to do a video call with this fake person. Maybe she'll realize it's fake when the person won't do a video call. 

     It's a lot of responsibility for you to take on by yourself, if you can't get her to see any reasoning as much as you hate it and it might ruin your friendship, but you might want to tell her parents about it and have her phone/devices taken away.  

    If you care about her it's better for her to lose a friendship rather than lose her life with some random creepy person that wants to do God knows what to her. 

    It's really a dangerous situation. A naive girl with parental issues and bullied often is the perfect target for predators.

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    A little extra information

    ~ She has said that she trusts this stranger more than her closest friends

    ~ She is very reluctant to talk about what they speak about specifically

    ~ All of her friends including me are on vacation very far away

    ~ She waited years for her mother to let her out of the house and hang out with friends but now that she is allowed because she is moving really far away she didn’t even want to say goodbye to us in person

    ~ Even though she never admits it she is a bit mentally slow, which leads her to not understand many complex situations like the one that is happening around her

    ~ She knows that the person texting her might not be a kpop star, but she says it’s worth the risk

    ~ The stranger made her promise that she would meet him, which I find rather odd

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