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Can a root canal and fillings be done in the same visit?

I haven't been to the dentist in many, many years and a massive tooth ache finally got me to go back. Turns out I have 8 cavities... yeah. One tooth is really bad and needs a root canal but the others just need to be filled with fillings. Can the root canal and the 7 fillings be done at the same time? I just want to get it over with. 

I've had fillings before so I know how they work, but what about a root canal? I think I may have had one as a kid but I can't remember. If the tooth is so bad, why aren't they just pulling it? Then it couldn't cause any more problems.

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    If you need a root canal, my advice is that you get it done by someone who specializes in root canals, an endodontist, and not a general dentist. Many dentist can and do provide root canals at a discount rate compared to an endodontist. 

    An endodontist does root canals every day, that's their main job and they do it very well, and better than a general dentist. They know what to look for and make sure hidden canals are properly cleaned out. I've had three root canals, and the person who performed all three is considered one of the best, if not the best, endodontist in my city; he sits on the board of city endodontists. He fixes the mistakes dentists make when they perform root canals incorrectly. He told me never have a dentist perform your root canal, always ensure an endodontist does it. 

    So, get your cavities filled, how many you want or your dentist can do at a given time. If they are small, it may be done in one visit, but you want to make sure they are cleaned and filled thoroughly. Each one takes time; you don't want your dentist doing it half-as*sed. 

    I recommend you contact an endodontist or if your dentist uses one exclusively, contact them for a consultation. A root canal can take a few hours in some cases, and only the root canal is done; your dentist normally orders a crown and modifies the tooth for the crown. 

    A root canal is an extensive procedure. Every bit of pulp and other tissue must be removed from the tooth, using many tools. Other than the shots, each procedure was painless, it just feels strange, like someone using a nail file on your tooth. 

    Make sure you get prescribed a narcotic pain killer because the pain will hit as soon as the shots wear off. If narcotics make you nauseated after taking them, ask the endodontist to prescribe 25 mg tablets or higher of Promethazine (also called Phenergan). Take one tablet five minutes before taking the narcotic, and you should not get nauseated. Eat a solid meal before taking these meds; take your meds about 10 minutes after eating. My endodontist had never prescribed Promethazine before I ask for it. But, it really does help. It kills all nausea. 

    Good luck!

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    No. A root canal can take a long time to do, you would not be able to keep your mouth open for hours to also do the fillings. Dentists don't spend whole mornings on one patient.

    Source(s): I worked for a U.K. Dentist.
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    be warned, root canals are unhealthy, WHY ? they flake off dead cells into the bloodstream.....AND not likely, usually their time is chewed up on the root canal, usually one at a time...and maybe you should consider a Biological dentist, mine is, wish I had heard about them sooner.....if interested [ yelp dot com ] Biological, Holistic, Whole Body dentist are names they use....

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