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Answered a scam voicemail without knowing?

So I got a call today about a student loan application I still had to fill out, but the caller gave no info about what the application was specifically for, and being someone going into college I was like, "okay, what place is this?" So I went to call the number he gave me to ask what school or organization he's with or whatever to see what's up and there's nothing. There's a single beep and then silence. I sit there for about a minute or so silent wondering if I should be like "Hello, anyone there?" And eventually the line starts beeping and I just hang up. I decide to look into the number and turns out, a few people have reported it as a scam number. Now I'm kinda a paranoid person, so I've been trying to look into stuff like this, but every source I check is just like "Yea it's best to avoid those guys" and don't really answer my question- is this going to cause damage, or have I only done what some people said and verified the numbers tied to a person. Never got a chance to give away any info. Would appreciate some answers.

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  • Olive
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    4 weeks ago

    No you'll be fine. The trouble would of been if you answered it and they started talking and asking for personal info and you gave it to them. They usually will hang up if you dont say anything. You should be fine, if they happen to call back just block the number or dont answer it, either way

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    relax, You are scam proof.

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