Check if there are Grammar and Sentence mistakes?

However, his few songs were very touching to me and I have always admired him so much. 'La Califfa', 'Love Affair (Main Theme), Deborah's Theme and all of the songs from Cinema Paradiso will be remembered as one of the most beautiful songs I have ever listened to.

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    Rewritten sentence:

    However, these few songs were very touching to me, and I have always admired him very much. "La Califfa," "Love Affair (Main Theme)," "Deborah's Theme," and all of the songs from "Cinema Paradiso" are among the most beautiful songs I have ever heard.


    I'd use double quotes rather than single around each of the song titles, and the end quotes should go after the comma, not before. Also, you forgot to keep using quotes after the first one for "Love Affair (Main Theme)," so you should correct that. "One of the most beautiful songs" should be "among the most beautiful songs," because you're not talking about just one song (or you could use "some," as the other guy said). And there should really be a comma after "touching to me," because it's a compound sentence.

    This isn't exactly a mistake, but I don't care for that usage of "so much," because it makes me want to ask, "How much have you always admired him?" I guess it might be better with an exclamation mark if you don't mind exclamations. I realize that's a pretty common usage in informal speech though.

    This also isn't exactly a grammar error, but I don't care for the use of the passive voice in the phrase, "will be remembered as," since we know that the person who will always remember them is you. In fact I'd just replace that whole phrase with the word "are," and, as I said, use "among" instead of "one" afterwards.

    I'd probably also replace "listed to" with "heard," as it avoids the preposition at the end of the sentence. This isn't really a mistake, but it sounds a little awkward.

    Finally, "his few songs" implies that he wrote few songs, but I see from your previous question that this isn't what you meant. Assuming that sentence precedes this, "these few songs" would be better.

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    1 month ago

    You need to change "one" to "some."

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