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My boyfriend signed a lease for his friend ?

My boyfriend and I moved in together about 4 months ago. He pays half of the bills. Previously he lived in his own apartment and his friend “lived” there too but was not on the lease. When my boyfriend moved in with me, his friend sublet then lease from him. Now that the lease is up, his friend could not renew it because he doesn’t have the credit, so my boyfriend renewed it in his name instead. I am upset because we are supposed to move into another place with both of our names on the lease but the apt we want to rent won’t let him be on the lease because he already has his name on a lease. I’m upset because he never even told me he renewed it so that his friend could stay there. He said he didn’t “think it was a big deal”. I know I can just get the apt in my name but that is not what we agreed on and he always says it doesn’t feel like “his house “ too because his name isn’t on the lease. I feel like his friends always use him as a crunch and he will literally do anything for his friends, doesn’t matter if they are irresponsible or not. Thoughts? How would you handle this? 

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    DUMP him and move on.  

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    He's unlikely to change. Get through your current lease as best you can while suffering the least financial loss as you can, and then decide before the lease expires if this guy is who you want to spend the rest of your life with. If he's not, cut your losses now and move on without this guy.

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    4 weeks ago

    good for him.!!!!

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    Your bf is a complete idiot. Just get the apartment in your name only and tell him he has to live somewhere else.  If you let him live with you, then you teach him that being an idiot is ok as you'll bail him out from every stupid thing he does, and you are doing essentially the same thing as he just did - taking responsibility for him, hoping he will pay you and you get nothing in return.  He made his bed, now he can go sleep in it - by living somewhere else.

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    He is your boyfriend, not your husband, he is free to do what he wishes

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    It is a huge deal, because when his friend can't pay the rent, your bf has to.

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    DTMFA.  This is a Family & Relationships question.

    His irresponsibility will follow you throughout your relationship.

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    So you now know that your boyfriend is not very responsible with money. What you do is up to you--but I would not move in together. If he was dumb enough to sign one lease for someone who had no credit or no financial stability, and then try to sign another lease with you, he's not going to get any smarter. I'd start by re-thinking the entire relationship, myself--but you do what you want here--just be aware that if he's this clueless now, in all likelihood things are not going to change. 

  • 4 weeks ago

    ....your boyfriend is an idiot.  You can do better.  Be glad your name is not on the lease.  He is going to be sued for subletting that apartment and his credit will be ruined for 7 years.

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    Does he understand he's probably violating the lease he signed, by subletting to his friend? (generally this is specifically not allowed)

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