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Why do anti-SJWs criticise every movie?

Whenever there's a movie with a female character, gay character, person of colour, etc, you always accuse it of being woke, SJW propaganda, pandering, politically correct, etc. Well you never explain it, so now's your chance. You always say movies like Alien are fine, but movies like The Last Jedi aren't. Well how are they different?

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    To write a mimority character right their minority status should come last. In the beloved a Song of Ice and Fire series homosexual Loras Tyrell is a hothead who's like a teenage Jaime and his love for Renly is genuine and undying. Avatar the last airbender is about a Tibetan and two inuits traveling the world and has 2 live action adaptations (an upcoming netflix series). 

  • LilyRT
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    it only bugs me when the primary point of the movie is to tick off boxes and not to entertain.  there are real genuine stories with minorities and women as heroes.  I'd love to see more of them.  but, taking an established series and just slapping a woman or a minority race in there isn't real story telling.  it's lazy but with the added insult of being arrogant and self-righteous at the same time.  

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    I don't do it for every movie with [your list].  I do it for the ones where those things ARE pandering.

    You cite a perfect example.  In Alien, Ripley is portrayed believably.  She is competent.  She's scared, she's in a bad situation, but she is a well written, and well-acted character who struggles through and is a legit action star in both the first and second movies...let's not mention any of the Alien movies after that.  I like to pretend they don't exist.

    Last Jedi is an awful movie for reasons WAY beyond just the politics of it.  Riddled with plot holes, massive disrespect to existing characters, an entire middle act of the movie that makes no sense (the casino), and so on.

    But you're clearly asking about Rey.  Rey is awful because she fails at everything Ripley succeeds at.  Rey is a Mary Sue.  She has every skill.  Everyone likes her despite there being no reason to.  Daisy Ridley plays her with no charisma...certainly not like one would expect from the lead in what is, effectively, an action movie.

    Rey masters the force and defeats a Sith Lord (albeit the crappiest Sith Lord ever portrayed...Darth Emo) in a lightsaber duel despite ZERO training or justification.  She goes to Luke's island of alien milk, gets almost no training yet suddenly is the most amazing force user.  

    Everything Rey does is unearned by the character and plot.  She is an absolute TESTAMENT to bad writing.  And then, when we criticize her, we got accused of being sexist.  I love female lead TV and movies.  Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Veronica Mars are two of my favorite TV shows of all time.  I loved Wonder Woman...until the third act which was awful.  Don't tell me my criticisms brand me as a sexist because you're absolutely wrong.

    If Rey had been a male character and had been portrayed like this, I PROMISE YOU, the Star Wars fanbase would have hated him too.  Anakin from the prequels wasn't portrayed this poorly, but he was portrayed poorly, and the fanbase hated him. 

    Rey being clearly just 'girl-Luke' made the fact that the role was basically just a token a relevant complaint.  Same clothes, desert planet, meets a droid that can't talk, rides on the Falcon, learns the force (though at least Luke was taught...twice), and becomes Jedi.  The fact that they then turned her into a Mary Sue made it impossible to ignore that this was just tokenism and pandering.  I actually saw an interview with an SJW prior to the release of 7 who claimed that he was excited for the female lead Star Wars where a woman wouldn't "just be a princess who needed saving".  Which pretty much tells you that this idiot never saw the original trilogy because Princess Leia was a bona fide B A D A S S.

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